ATV Brakes

Surely there is no brake manufacturer in the world with more clear dominance of the off road brake market than EBC Brakes with multiple world and national titles having been awarded to its product range. EBC Brakes for motocross and ATV use include R series sintered brakes, SV series heavy duty ATV brakes, and the new EPFA Extreme Pro sintered race brakes. Brake shoes from EBC Brakes include both regular non-grooved linings and the new water-grooved WG series brake shoes for mud and dust riding conditions. EBC brake rotors include MD6 series carbon steel rotors for ATV and motocross use in both full circle profile and contoured profile together with a range of oversized brake rotor kits complete with brackets for motocross and Supermoto use.

When choosing Brakes for your ATV decide on the type of use meets your needs. EBC has

Long lasting Brakes
Grippy brakes
Brakes for fast and dry riding
Brakes for wet and mud riding

All of these choices are shown on the following ATV Brakes pages

The ATV rules still apply, always replace from brakes on four wheeled vehicles in pairs, NEVER one side without the other which can cause brake pull and keep a check on brake pad wear as it can happen a lot quicker than you might expect when riding in mud and sand.

New trends are arriving in the ATV industry, probably the most interesting of which is the Side By Side market which boasts a separate section on this website. Click Here To Visit Side by Side pages.

Also in Europe we are seeing ATV’s used for highway use, some scary quick four wheelers are flying around on public roads these days and we wonder if the riders of those machines have paid enough attention to tire and brake choices which vary tremendously to what these units were designed for. Our advice here is, its all fine and dandy you riding an ATV at 70 MPH on a street but were your brakes designed with high heat capabilities, Generally ATV brakes are designed to last well in mud water and sand but not necessarily to handle the high speeds of street use.

EBC Brakes makes no warranty that its brakes will transform a machine designed essentially for off road use into a safe machine to use on the highway and all of our products are offered for OFF HIGHWAY use only.

If you do use you ATV on highway no matter what brakes you use, drive carefully and slowly and use the BEST brake pads you can buy.

EBC Brakes are NOT tested or approved for highway use on ATVs at this time and homologation and safety for highways use is totally the responsibility of the vehicle manufacturer.

Search authorized EBC brakes dealers in the USA below or if you are outside the USA Tap Here to view the worldwide site.


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