CK Clutch Kits & Springs

When replacing your clutch on any ATV you have two options
  1. Lowest cost option

This is to replace the friction plates only as a quick fix to get the bike going. This would involve buying the EBC Brakes CK series cork line clutch plates, click here for details. Even if selecting to replace just the friction plates we strongly recommend using new clutch springs as old springs get weak and tired over time and can cause clutch slip and even premature wear of the new plates you are about to install, click here for details on CSK Clutch spring kits.

  1. Total rebuild option

By far the best way to go and a world number one seller the EBC Brakes DRC Dirt Racer Clutch Kit is a total rebuild option including all driven and lined plates and new springs to completely re set your clutch to the all important original stack height when the bike was new. Click here for details of DRC Clutch Kits.

Either way EBC Brakes appreciates your business and wishes you many miles of safe and happy ATV riding.

Clutch Springs

These are an important part of your clutch system and with the heat and constant cyclic use can become tired and weak. EBC Brakes produce extra strong clutch springs to prevent clutch slip and premature wear, click here for details of EBC Brakes clutch spring kits.

Search authorized EBC brakes dealers in the USA below or if you are outside the USA Tap Here to view the worldwide site.


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