Custom Bikes, Cruisers, & Big Twin Brakes

Custom bikes or Big Twins, of which of course the most famous is the American made Harley Davidson® brand, have become almost a cult tradition worldwide because of the difference in their engine designs, frame designs and the throaty Big Twin exhaust note that for many people is highly desirable. Big Twins range from 883cc on the Harley® Sportster™ to 1400cc. Custom cruisers are generally larger and heavier than 4 cylinder Asian built counterparts and componentry is generally heavier. For example, EBC Brakes produce a special range of heavy duty floating discs for front and rear of Harley Davidson® models which include thicker rotors and 12 button rear floating rotors for extra strength and rigidity.

EBC Brakes make fully floating sport bike rotors with its X and XC series and polished alloy/stainless custom rotors for most popular Big Twins. As far as brake pads are concerned, EBC Brakes offers the Extreme Pro® range or the Double-H range or the popular Kevlar® Organic range.

Full details of the EBC product range can be seen by clicking on any of the above links to view a separate web page.

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