Roadrace Brakes

EBC Brakes is proud of its heritage of literally hundreds of road race motorcyclists who use its products. Starting with numerous wins in classic events such as the Isle of Man TT, EBC Brakes has claimed many world titles in motorcycle road racing using its brake pads and brake rotors. The latest and most popular racing brakes from the EBC factory are the EPFA Extreme Pro sintered brake pads which offer ultra high friction HH rated stopping power and when used in conjunction with the latest EBC Pro-lite brake rotors featuring the patented SD system square drive buttons offer unparalleled brake performance for road racing and superbike use. EBC Brakes also produce a range of brake fluids including DOT3, DOT4, DOT5 silicone and BF307 race fluids.

It all started in 1980 at the Dutch TT when current EBC owner rode his RD 250LC to the Assen Grand Prix and made Friends with (soon to be) World 500 Grand Prix Champion Wayne Gardner riding the Honda GP bike and signed Wayne up as the EBC Brakes agent for Australia. Assen was a learning curve that year, it was right there that the great Kenny Roberts threw a very expensive Yamaha on the floor after the warm up lap because his mechanic had fitted the alloy backed brake pads in reverse right before my eyes and a couple of years after that the late great Barry Sheene got highsided on his Suzuki and did three giant strides to end up back on the saddle and coast back to the pits for a change of underwear.

Years went by and watching and learning about Road Racing and the brakes involved taught us a lot here at EBC. The TT years were paramount in the EBC learning curve where TT greats like Phil Mellor, Garry Padget,Tony Rutter and Steve Hislop tested and approved EBC Brakes. Phil died riding at his beloved TT, Garry and Steve in other accidents but none the less those names still form a part of the EBC Brakes history and pedigree and their input was invaluable,appreciated and not forgotten.

Racing in the TT is not the toughest test in brakes, riders will tell you they only use the brakes a few times in anger but if they don’t work at the bottom of places like Bray Hill where there is no run off and a 90 degree corner , there is nowhere to go. For this reason total confidence in your brakes is a real asset.

EBC Brakes has sponsored numerous race series throughout the world in its Road Racing Career from the UK GP 250 series going on to team up with the UK Motorcycle News (MCN) sponsoring for several years the “Superstock Series” organised by our old friend Bruce Cox, moving on from that to many years of association with Pat Murphy in the USA sponsoring various AMA race series events.

Designing brake rotors for motorcycles requires an in depth knowledge of motorcycles themselves and that is why we pride ourselves at EBC at all being motorcycling riders and enthusiasts. Our Race development team in the USA headed up by Garry Gallagher is regularly testing (in advance of launch) and giving us all important feedback from road racers in our quest to stay the best in motorcycle brakes.

Designing Motorcycle Brake pads for Road Race use requires the highest skills and EBC Brakes are proud that through their 30 years of blending and fitting brakes to race bikes and having many of their own race teams through the years the current offering by EBC of the Extreme Pro Brake range is the product to beat. Each of these superb product lines, Extreme Pro, X Rotors and XC rotors are explained elsewhere on this site

Search authorized EBC brakes dealers in the USA below or if you are outside the USA Tap Here to view the worldwide site.


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