Sintered Brake Pads

EBC Brakes sintered motorcycle brake pad range includes the world famous Double-H sintered brakes, the R series ATV sintered brakes, and the MXS sintered motocross race brakes plus the high durability SV series severe duty sintered brakes. Latest addition to the EBC sintered brakes range is the EPFA series Extreme Pro ultra high friction sintered race brakes for fast sport bike use and road racing.

Enduro riders often choose the carbon graphite X series (or TT series as they are known in Europe) for their cool running, low heat characteristics in fast motocross and enduro races.

What is sintering???

This is the fusing together under heat and pressure of metallic particles and in the case of brakes it blends various other elements to enhance friction properties and wear life.

Sintered Brakes have become a standard on 99% of Motorcycles and ATVs from the OE Builders and they also form a large percentage of the aftermarket for bikes and ATV’s.

Sintered brakes last longer and generally speaking handle the heat of heavy braking better. In Road Race use we have to admit that there are almost NO organic pads that come close to Sintered compounds but that does not hold true in streetbike use where EBC Organic compounds in terms of performance are almost undetectable from sintered. Proof of this is that EBC Brakes was the first and probably still is the only Brake manufacturer with EC E R 90 brake safety approval of both its sintered Brakes and its Organic brakes on Motorcycle for public highway use.

Although attempts were made by the OEMs a few years ago to cut costs of Sintered brakes by using sintered IRON, that was deemed a failure and these days the base material is copper.

Sintered copper brakes are made by one of two processes, pressure sintering in a vacuum furnace or sintering through a belt furnace in a controlled atmosphere. The steel backing plates for the brake pads are copper coated and a preformed sintered copper “Puck” is located onto pips in the plate (either male or female) and the parts are passed through a furnace. At a pre-determined temperature the copper coating under the pad puck melts and fused the puck and plate together.

Sintering is a very exact process and the EBC expertise has made it a world leader in such technology and gained it numerous OE contracts.

In the aftermarket EBC continues to offer sintered brakes for applications requiring longer life and higher heat performance and organic pads for sport and general purpose street use.

Both work well in their respective markets and have a place in the industry, elsewhere on this website we can explain the merits of each compound type and assist you in choosing what is right for your riding requirements.

Search authorized EBC brakes dealers in the USA below or if you are outside the USA Tap Here to view the worldwide site.


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