Streetbike Brakes

EBC Brakes for street bikes include Double-H brake pads and the new EPFA Extreme Pro intered brake pads plus Kevlar organic brake pads and TT series dual purpose motorcycle brake pads. EBC Brakes also offer brake shoes for the entire range of motorcycles complete with new brake shoe springs.

The range of EBC Brakes motorcycle brakes discs or brake rotors is the largest in the world and includes both fully floating brake discs (fully floating brake rotors) and solid discs (solid rotors). Floating rotors are made with alloy centre hubs and stainless steel rotor blades and in most cases feature the new SD system square drive button concept that totally eliminates brake distortion or brake vibration.

In almost every case, EBC Brake rotors are lighter, better looking, made with improved revolutionary technologies and cost less than original parts.

EBC Motorcycle brake rotors are designed as a size for size direct replacement for the original brake rotor except where indicated and are guaranteed to fit and perform flawlessly. Because we build and design rotors as a matched brake set it is always advisable to use EBC Brake pads with EBC Brake rotors. We have had several reports of damage to the EBC rotor when used with certain aftermarket pads especially sintered types from other vendors and need to point out that rotor scoring can occur with certain grades of brake pad, original or aftermarket. We are not just trying to up-sell customers, some pads are simply more abrasive than others and spending good money on new EBC rotors and then ruining them with some untested brake formulation simply doesn’t make sense. We have seen sintered pads that are NOT EVEN FINISH GROUND and therefore NOT EVEN FLAT that damage rotors and others than contain abrasive elements that we would not recommend. We can control our own products but we don’t engineer anything to work with other people’s parts that may have been mis-designed ,with something completely different in mind or not designed at all. EBC manufactures researches and tests 100% of its own pads, there are few companies who can say that. Even many of the so called “Famous names” are equally guilty of putting out some pretty poor products .There are also many types of materials used in Motorcycle Brake rotors unlike the automotive industry where EVERY rotor is made from a standard “Grey” cast iron. Every pad designer in the automotive industry knows what he is working to match up with as an opposing surface. With Motorcycle brake rotors for example we have people selling...

1) EN 43 Gauge plate rotors
2) Ductile Iron brake rotors
3) Hardened and tempered DB410 stainless rotors
4) Mill hard stainless rotors
5) Unhardened stainless rotors
6) Heat treated Carbon steel rotors

And this list goes on.

We hope you appreciate now our idea of matched set use.

On the Motorcycle Disc Brake Pad side EBC Brake pads are offered in two separate ranges, ORGANIC Brakes and SINTERED Brakes.

These ranges are explained in detail elsewhere on this site.

Search authorized EBC brakes dealers in the USA below or if you are outside the USA Tap Here to view the worldwide site.


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